Tekirdağ Şarköy ; When it comes to Thrace, the first thing that comes to mind is the summer resort. Tekirdağ town Şarköy, whose customers mostly come from Istanbul, is very busy in summer. Tourists from Tekirdağ, Kırklareli, Edirne and Çanakkale provinces flock to the east. In our Şarköy district, the ratio of hotel, motel, apartment and guest house beds to accommodation is around 1200. Daily trips to Avşa Island, Marmara Island and Ekincik Island are made on certain days of the week. It is the most beautiful place for vacation and tourism, 86 km from Tekirdağ metropolitan center. Its population is 32,658 people. The area of ​​Şarköy is 515 km2.


Where is Şarköy connected?

It is a district of Tekirdağ Metropolitan. Şarköy is known as the vacation and rest place of the Thrace region. It was established on the shores of the Sea of ​​Marmara and is located in the southwest of Tekirdağ province. Şarköy has 3 municipal organizations. The center of the Tekirdağ Şarköy district is Mürefte and Hoşköy. Şarköy consists of 3 town. It has 26 village. The center of the district, established by the sea, is flat. But their villages were built in mountainous areas. All roads built in recent years provide easy access to districts and villages.

Where is Şarköy connected

What kind of place is Tekirdağ Şarköy?

It is the tourist center of Thrace with its beautiful spectacular blue flag beaches and long sandy beaches. Tekirdağ Şarköy combines calm, peace and fun. The beach section is mainly dedicated to entertainment. Here you will find nightclubs, bars and tea gardens. The bazaar is a busy and crowded place with shops. Other areas of Şarköy are quieter. Şarköy, which is calm and quiet in the winter months, becomes a lively, enthusiastic and exciting place with the start of the spring months. Tekirdağ Şarköy, with its blue and green colors, is a neighborhood rich in oxygen.

The sea is blue and turquoise in places. Although there are not many trees in the center of the Şarköy district, it is surrounded by olive groves and various trees. With the arrival of the spring months, the environment smells of flowers, trees and earth. The smell of plums, almonds and various trees spreads. You will be amazed at the brittle smell of the soil that is created when farmers dig their fields.

What kind of place is Tekirdağ Şarköy

 When to go to Tekirdağ Şarköy?

Since April and May are the first months of spring in Tekirdağ Şarköy, the scent of flowers, trees, sea and soil begins to spread around. People are starting to move these months. Different emotions begin to intensify in people. If your idea is to swim, you will not be able to swim during these months. We are going to Şarköy these months to get some fresh air and enjoy.

June, July and August are the months when you can enjoy the sea, sand and beach. I think the best month to swim is July. This time go swimming and have fun.

September, October and November are the harvest season when the cold has started. You can take vintage tours in groups of 100 people during these months. You can visit the wine production places established by the Greeks at that time. Tekirdağ Şarköy wine brands are Doluca, Kayra, Mey, Sevilen. You can taste them during the visits. This is the best time to go to Şarköy during the harvest period.

What to eat in Tekirdağ Şarköy?

It is always the question of what to eat in Tekirdağ Şarköy, which is always on the minds of our guests who come to Şarköy on vacation. None of our vacationers who have come to this day have had a problem with food. Family restaurants can be found on the beach. They are mainly fish restaurants. There are restaurants all the way to Cumhuriyet Square and all the way to the coast. There are ice cream shops, pastry shops and cafes. Port Cafe Bistro at the beginning of the pier is a place with food and drink. Eriklice Yakamoz Restaurant is a tavern-style venue. The meat, fish and snack restaurants are Hoşköy Megali Fish Restaurant and Kalamış Maça Kızı Restaurant. The Şarköy restaurants offer delicious meat, fish and meatball dishes to our valued holidaymakers.

What is the Tekirdağ Şarköy sea like?

Şarköy has an open sea. It is not an established place on the bay. therefore the sea does not contain dirt. You may have noticed. Where there is a cove, the sea is dirtier. Because the waves are dragging scum here. This is not the case in Tekirdağ Şayköy. It is also a vacation destination that has been awarded the Blue Flag every year since 2006. It is well known that the places that receive the Blue Flag award are awarded to places with very clean seas, beaches and beaches. Sea water is measured and no blue flag is awarded for areas with microbes. The municipality of Şarköy is very sensitive and meticulous in this regard. We are confident that you will receive this flag every year.

The Şarköy Sea is a shallow, frothy sea. It does not have a dangerous sea that does not suddenly deepen. On the contrary, you have to walk 150-200 meters into the sea to go deeper. For those who cannot swim, there is a sea in which they can improve. It is also ideal for young children. The Şarköy Sea does not have many currents. It is not a dangerous sea. In addition, there are always lifeguards on its beaches.

What is the Tekirdağ Şarköy sea like

How are Şarköy Beaches?

Şarköy is a place with long beaches and Beach. It has a magnificent 60 km long sandy beach. It is the most preferred beach. 31. Turkey‘s longest beach. The longest sandy beach in Turkey. It is the 62nd longest sandy beach in the world. It is a famous Beach that has been awarded the blue flag for 6 consecutive years by the municipality of Şarköy. Some of the beaches in Tekirdağ Şarköy have fine sand, while others have coarse sand. Some of its beaches are stony and pebbled. The municipality always keeps its beautiful beaches clean. In the morning, the beaches are thoroughly cleaned with a tractor and trash is collected on the beach.

Although vacationers exaggerate and talk about dirty beaches, the situation is the opposite. The municipality is doing everything it can to clean. I witnessed that people who complained that the beach was dirty, left their dirt on the beach and left. Those who complain are holidaymakers, but again holiday makers polluters. I used to think that the citizens of Istanbul are more sensitive to these issues. However, I realized that it is our vacationers in Istanbul who are ruining the environment. Because he went to an unknown place and had the idea of ​​not paying attention to meeting and working to behave as he wanted. There is an opinion that there will be those who will pick it up later. Please consider it our home, where we go on vacation.

Beach Cleaning

The cleanliness of the beach depends on our vacationers more than the municipality. The Thracians are much more sensitive to this question. Pay special attention to cleanliness, respect, and social rules. But even our citizens from other provinces who have settled are behaving as if the social rules no longer apply to him. Please don’t spoil our beaches. Beaches are the most important places for summer vacations. The municipality has placed garbage cans in various places and we do not leave our garbage on the beach.

How are Şarköy Beaches

Şarköy bike tour

Since Şarköy is located on a flat surface, it is ideal for cycling. The central Süleymanpaşa district of Tekirdağ is not suitable for use as it is steep and hilly. You can only rent bikes put up by the municipality on the Tekirdağ coast and visit them. However, the use of bicycles is very common in Şarköy. There is a very long bike path along the beach. You can only get in and out by bike in half an hour.

Many people in Şarköy use bicycles for transportation. Citizens always go to work, to their homes, or to other places. In summer, especially at night, there is a lot of cycling on the beach. Women, in particular, who come to Şarköy for their summer holidays, like to travel by bicycle. You should also try this fun activity.

Şarköy Accommodations

There are hotels, hostels, apartments, summer houses, villas, apartments and daily rented houses for accommodation in Tekirdağ Şarköy. their number is increasing every year. On the beach side of Şarköy, accommodation is affordable for local and foreign holidaymakers.

What are Şarköy Economic Resources?

Tekirdağ Şarköy Economy is mostly dependent on tourism and agriculture. The tourism investments made also increase the agricultural income in Şarköy district. Our holidaymakers who come to the district buy homemade natural products and even take them to their homes. Thus, agriculture and gardening develop more. Many of our vacationers have investments in Şarköy. There are investments in oel, cottage, villa, land, field, vineyard, garden and shop. Tourism, agriculture, fruit and vegetable investments contribute significantly to the economy of Şarköy. Animal husbandry and seafood occupy an important place in the economy in this charming resort. Many more fish types such as mullet, chincope, sea bass, whiting, turbot, horse mackerel, bluefish, mackerel, bonito, sand mussel and shrimp are hunted.

The land of Tekirdağ Büyükşehir Şarköy district is 48 thousand hectares. 43 thousand hectares of this 48 thousand hectares area, that is (89.40%) is agricultural land. The remaining 5 thousand hundred hectares, that is (10.60%), is non-agricultural land.

Why is Şarköy Preferred

Why is Şarköy Preferred?

Istanbul is considered to be a great opportunity for vacationers. The roads between Istanbul and Şarköy are completely locked when the schools are closed for 1-2 weeks. Tekirdağ Şarköy is one of the most popular places as a holiday destination. Şarköy is in more demand from popular holiday villages. In Şarköy, which has become one of the favorite places of Istanbul residents, its popularity increases by the day. We have many Istanbul residents who come to Şarköy for 2 days on weekends.

The reasons for choosing Şarköy are as follows;

    • The beauty of the nature
    • Blue flag of unique beaches
    • Cheap accommodation
    • Benefit from a quiet and peaceful vacation
    • Long, clean beaches
    • Clean Air
    • Near Istanbul
    • Daily visits to the island
    • the windsurf
    • Paragliding

Important notices for vacationers

  • If you come to Şarköy with your private car, be sure to use it carefully. Avoid excessive speeds. The roads of Şarköy are winding. Do not pass the vehicle in front of you and do not go into fast turns.
  • You need to be careful if the beach where you are going to swim in Şarköy is stony and stony.

Don’t forget to spend your vacation in Şarköy in 2021, with its sea, fish, vineyards, wine and olives, and Thracian enthusiasm, in a panoramic view where you can see the opposite coasts and islands of the Sea of ​​Marmara. Everyone has the right to a fun and enjoyable vacation after a stressful and exhausting year.

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